Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Signs of Spring

It is supposed to be Spring, and I guess it is in between rain showers. Five straight days of rain, two days of almost sunshine, follow up with five more days of rain - this is getting a little old. But somehow the plant around my house are starting to show some life. When we bought the place (sight unseen) we did not know we would get these. Multiple azaleas, several redbud trees and dogwood trees (one of which is just starting to open up) are some pleasant surprises. I can't wait to see my hydrangeas...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Roxy's Toy Story

My baby is growing up, which is no big surprise, but it is starting to feel more like a funeral than a celebration. She is completely excited about everything, is a happy camper most days, and still loves to play, play, play. But there are some changes...birthday #7 is around the corner and many things are getting buried each day. Sniff, sniff.

1. Dress up has become pretty much non-existent. That cat suit has not seen the light of day in ages. She puts on the ballet leotard when she jumps on the trampoline, she dons the owl cape when she rides the zip line, but pretending to be an animal? Not so much.

2. The belief in the tooth fairy is no longer a given. Those big, beautiful, trusting eyes have doubts.

3. Roxy no longer carries a stuffed animal with her everywhere. She still loves them, but does not need a cuddle buddy 24/7.

4. The Bitty Babies were moved to the top shelf in her bedroom. It's just like the scene from Toy Story, where special things on the top shelf will be forgotten. When I went in to her room and saw them up there, it nearly made me cry. The baby in her has passed away and the bitty babies no longer have a place of honor in her room. Roxy assured me that she loves them and wants to keep them out, but her stuffed animals need my old doll bed more than the babies do.

These things have been piling up on me and now - I am bereft. So long, little Roxy. Hello big girl.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Went With the Wind

Jamie and I visited the Gone With the Wind museum, which was an interesting look at the movie and the fanatics that love the movie. Can you believe my husband has never seen it? The man who prides himself on knowing classics has never seen the thing. The memorabilia section cracked me up. They were selling Barbie dolls of Carol Burnett's spoof of Gone With the Wind, and the doll wears a decorative curtain rod with drapes made into clothes. This just goes to show you that some things can only be seen in Georgia - some strange things.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain

It is raining (again) and I really love it. It keeps the bees away from my pollinating bushes, it sounds so great to wake up to, but it makes me want to wear PJs all day long. This rain makes me think of a trip to Chattanooga not so long ago. We almost got soaked, but we had a fun day. Maybe it was the ribs from Sticky Fingers, maybe it was spending time with my sister, but I loved the rain and everything else that day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She's Ready For Her Close-Up

Darby has been enjoying a new role at school as the health news reporter on the daily morning broadcast. I took this pic of the TV screen as I watched from the school entrance. All those years of reading, plus those incredible blue eyes, are on display every morning as Darby informs students about various matters of health. Did you know that putting a cold pack in your lunchbox will keep your food chilled? Did you know that vitamin C is found in orange juice? This may not be cutting edge reporting, but this girl has a gift for reading a script. Roxy is now famous in her classroom because all the first graders clap for Dar and brag on her to Roxy. Darby could not be less impressed by her first grade popularity, but she does enjoy doing the broadcast. And now that the fifth grade camera men have figured out to point the camera at the kids' faces instead of their stomachs, the broadcast runs like a finely tuned machine. Good job, Dar. You have a future in infomercials.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey Kid - Where'd You Get the Lid?

As I type this, my daughter Darby is singing the whole song by Roger Miller. Not the guy who played James Bond (Roger Moore), but the one who sang country songs like "Doo Wacka Doo" and "Dang Me". Just flash back to the Muppet Show, and you'll remember...

Roxy, would you like fries with your hamburger (hat)?

Darby in the hot dog hat and Jamie in the pimpin' hat (and me in a pimpin' hat as well) are not shown in this posting. I will use those images to my advantage sometime later...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jump for Joy

The girls are enjoying the outside air. It took a major purchase to make this happen...

We do have a safety net on it now. Roxy prays for everyone to be safe on our trampoline now, including people that will probably never jump on it. How sweet is that?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Appreciate the Pater Familias

I have had a busy week and felt the need for a blog vacation. I am recharged now, except for a dreadful sore throat which can only mean that it is time for the pollination to begin. I will eventually post my busy week pics, but I need more space on the PC, so for now...

I must praise the Pater Familias for a moment. My man finally took his scheduled days off (except for a three hour stint at church distributing Angel Food this morn) and he did something that truly makes a girl's heart go pitter pat - he painted our sun room. I worked on it with him, but my man put most of the burden on his broad shoulders and took care of business. He even painted all the windows, including the inside trim. Fifteen panes of glass, five windows - that is a lot of cutting in. I was so happy I gave him the last of the banana pudding. Love to you babe - the room looks much better without random crayon marks accumulated since 1994.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Boldly Going Where I Have Not Gone Before

I'm going to the airport. It's kind of far away since I live in such an gi-normous city. I have concerns about traffic today. The traveler's rule is: If you leave on a Friday, leave by noon, otherwise you will not be able to get anywhere in traffic. I believe this rule to be true, because a month back when we were going to the circus as the Georgia Dome, it took us 1 hour 45 minutes, and the distance was maybe 30 miles, tops. We left our house at 4:30, too This means I need about 6 CDs, some snacks, and my phone charger. Oh, how I love traffic!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Drama Queens Reign

I have found myself surrounded by too much drama - the cycle does not seem to stop. I have one daughter who is extremely hard on herself, so much so that when she messes up, her self-punishment is torturous and I find very little to top it. I have another daughter that seems to think that nothing is fair (to her) and she has expanded her vocabulary so much that she never shuts up about it. You say something to correct her, and suddenly she is Alexander from the Terrible, Horrible, No-good, Very Bad Day.

I was listening to my daughter read from a book set in the 1900s about parents giving their children castor oil as a cure-all for whatever ails them. I wonder if it works on drama...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

History Lesson for the Franks

Yes, we went to another location of interesting history, but this time the Civil War was not involved. How strange is that? We visited the Etowah mounds, named for the Etowah Indians that the Spanish explorer De Soto encountered in approximately 1592. At least I think that was the date. De Soto brought 1,000 men with him to explore and subdue the land. After landing in Florida he traveled all over the southeastern United States as far north as Kentucky, then over through Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. He had a major battle not far from where my dad grew up in Caddo Gap, Arkansas.

So De Soto and his 1,000 subduers visited the Etowah Indians and recorded what they found. The location is interesting because the Indians made huge mounds for their chief and other leaders to live on, atop a plaza where the rest of the tribe would play and work and make their own living quarters. We went on top of the mounds and we were impressed by how much it reminded us of what the Incas did in South America - steps built in to a man-made mountain/pyramid structure. The largest mound is over 65 feet high with entire trees buried inside the thing. They lived in a mud-hut type house made in a manner called Waddle and Daub. It looks like something an African tribesman would build, not like American Indians.

It turns out that De Soto and his crew infected the Etowah Indians with all their new fangled diseases and decimated the tribe. Whatever was left of these Indians was soaked up by the Creeks or the Cherokees, probably Cherokees. The location was truly interesting and very well done, and it was a gorgeous afternoon to experience something new.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cookie Monster

Seen: Cookie Monster selling cookies, disguised as a Brownie. Thanks to Josh and the car wash for a beautiful sale (and a beautiful car, too.)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lights, Camera, Church Party

Before Saturday, I had never attended a film festival. But now I have.

Our church hosted the Backlot Film Festival and everyone was invited. Church members made movies to premiere at the Festival, and about 200 people from church came all dressed up - lots of tuxes, prom dresses, and funky attire. The youth contingent was quite large. My kids were so excited about going. They wore $5 dresses from the Kohl's clearance rack and I fixed their hair pretty and they walked the red carpet.

The movies were interesting and some were even entertaining. There were a few art films that I am still trying to interpret, but the funny ones were great. We even saw a 3D film that was very creative and cool (anything using "She's Going the Distance" is cool, isn't it?)

Our Life group made a film (produced by moi) and it was well received. I am working on getting it posted to my blog this week, but the file is enormous and my drive space is muy poquito. Very fun night and the food and decorations were outstanding.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Franks' News Flash

Today was a completely random day, but there were a few items of note:

-Scott became an uncle (again) when Garrick Archer was born just after 12 noon today. He is healthy and everyone seems fine so far. My main question has been answered - no, they did not get the Basso afro hair that graced my children. We asked if they are calling him Garrick and Ty said something like, "We'll call him Garrick, Gary, whatever." I believe Scott suggested that we call him Ick. Nice - a baby with a sarcastic nickname on day one.

-Today is Grandpa Garret's birthday. A happy day for two Franks' men whose names will always be tongue-tied together.

-Part of downtown Bozeman blew up today. We checked out the news online and I am happy to know that my favorite places are still standing. When we go there this summer, we will definitely be checking out the huge hole in downtown.

-Roxy has named all of her fingers and toes. I cannot comprehend why she has done this, but it entertained her during her bath.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You Can't Handle the Truth

Age six is such a radical year of change. There is the ability to learn combined with a lengthened attention span. Things like reading and math start clicking together rapidly. There is the social aspect of life - knowing what everyone else does, trying to top your friends or compete for "coolness". There is the loss of baby fat and the maturing of facial features. At six, you look less like a baby when you are asleep. And what could be the most tragic sign of aging - the questioning of standard myths.

Roxy confronted me last night about the tooth fairy. There has been rampant tooth loss at Due West Elementary these days, and the debate is hot among the six year old demographic. In all honesty, Roxy has not been particularly fascinated by the tooth fairy. She prefers to carry around her tooth in a baggy to show her friends and she could care less whether she gets any money. But now, the little boy from her class, the one that makes bad choices, is telling her about the parent role in the whole thing and she wants the truth.

I asked her if it was fun for the parents to be the tooth fairy, and she said no. I encouraged her to keep it fun, because getting money is fun and who cares how you get it. She is not pleased with my answer. I just don't want her to grow up anymore...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Everything Old is Retro New

We had small group at our house on Sunday and I found these little treasures left on the floor. I bought these retro paper dolls for my girls after visiting the FDR Little White House a few weeks back. What makes a person want to buy her daughters paper dolls - from the 1930s? I still don't know, but I felt sentimental when I saw the dolls in the antique swim suits. There is a picture of my Grandpa and Grandma Oller swimming at some unknown lake, wearing suits very much like these. I think my Grandma even had a bathing cap, too. I think it would have been interesting to know them way back when. So, my kids will not have the latest and greatest toys - I will make them relive a past about which I am curious. I am mother - see me rule.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Beautiful Surprise

My house looked really pretty in the snow that came yesterday morning. We got almost two inches of big fluffy flakes before it turned back to rain. Darby was so excited to have snow again - something we have missed out on here in Georgia.