Friday, April 18, 2008

It appears we have purchased a home in Georgia. Don't ask me about the size of the bathrooms or closets, because I have not seen the house yet. I really know how to live dangerously, don't I!What I do know is that I did get the school that was my first choice, of course I haven't been to it either. I fully believe everything I have read on the internet...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Easter shots

Happy Easter from the girls with curls
Our tradition is to decorate eggs on Easter, then hide them and hunt them after dinner.
Roxy always wears one of her dad's shirts whenever she paints. She loved the secret messages I left for her to find on the eggs - if only she could read them...
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The Greatest Puppet Show Ever

Due to a momentary lapse of judgment, I agreed to coach Darby's puppet team for Leadership Training for Christ. It was quite an experience full of laughter, drama, intrigue, and random fits of ADD. But I will say that I am glad I did it, and will do it again. The
rewards were great. My judges even complemented me on the character development of all the puppets, so I must have found a new calling. We did get a gold, the audience laughed in all the right (and wrong) spots, and the kids were very proud of themselves. Mark this one down as a Win.
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More with the American Girls...

We all loved the store. Darby learned a few tips about hairstyling for her doll. She always tries, but can be complicated getting out tangles. I try to remind her that her real hair isn't really different...

Darby and Roxy each got to choose one item for their dolls - Darby has a doll-sized, functional typewriter (keys work, ink doesn't) and Roxy got the swimming outfit complete with floaties. I am ashamed to say it, but I actually teared up at the store because the girls liked it so much. I must need medicine...
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Patiently waiting...

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Living the Dream (Mom's too!)

Over spring break, Darby and Roxy took their special dolls to the American Girl store in Dallas.
The hairstyling station was thrilling for them, because the dolls needed a new 'do. You get to
pick out special ribbons for your doll, and they even give you toenail polish decals for your doll's
toes. Who knew that pampering of dolls was a marketable event...
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