Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Found the Camera!

Just in time for the holidays, the camera is back!  Whew!  I choose to focus on these pictures of my parents and my girls, since I will be missing my folks this year.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Game is Afoot

Christmas shopping is definitely a game for me this year.  The shopping list is whittled down to the bare bones and the challenge is on:  pay absolutely no shipping costs or use a coupon for each purchase.  And now full-cost purchases, but that is a given in my shopping world.

Free shipping offers are coming along - so far, so good.  I don't have to drive out to the American Girl store this year.  Somehow I think we will end up there post-Christmas.  Roxy has been requesting a visit.

Coupons for some places are coming through, too.  Eddie Bauer has a reusable one for 20% off everything, including sale items, and there were numerous items on sale as well - all of which include men's tall sizes, which is important when you are a Davis.  Learning Express has a good coupon for tomorrow only.  Target's coupons have already come in handy, too.

Now that I have officially started shopping for Christmas, I embraced the discount challenge today and was a good little housewife with my coupon book.  I even got a discount on my cute new haircut.  The game is afoot.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Looking for Material

As of late, I have been struggling with the relevancy of my blog.  My well is empty.

But, when I went to Darby's room this afternoon, looking for the sewing kit, I found this:  blog material!  This  post is dedicated to my mother, who does not know about the Twilight book/movie series.  I'm guessing that the gals in water aerobics have better ways to spend their time, but Darby and I do not :)

Thanks, Dar.  I didn't bother to ask you if I had your permission, because I pulled the mom card.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ten Excuses

I had another blogging vacation, but this one was not exactly deliberate.  I do have ten excuses for my absence, though:

1.  I've been reading - one thick novel and one spiritual book by Francis Chan.  I have also researched something to read next, but have got to get the library to get it to me.

2.  I've been cleaning up the house.  Hosting the small group every Sunday is starting to take a toll on me and my cleaning abilities.

3.  I have company - the folks came in on Friday.

4.  Fall - it makes you want to be outside and take long, sweaty walks (in between rain showers.)

5.  I've been cooking - it seems like food preparation has consumed my life lately.  Apple pies, carmel apples for kids, cut-out sugar cookies for Halloween, plus lots of meals for me, the fam, the folks.

6.  I've been volunteering - school and church.  I do enjoy pitching in.

7.  Halloween.  Trick-or-treating with an animal cop and a tired girl, in the rain, takes some time.  Pictures to follow sometime soon...

8.  Day trips - we had a train ride in the north Georgia mountains in the rain.  Stupid rain.

9.  Date night.  I had a date for the first time in six months.  We managed to walk in to a place full of church people, who complimented my husband on taking me out.  That compliment just bought him another six month reprieve, at least that is what we joked about as we scurried out of the coffee shop.

10.  Not a lot of news to share.  We are plugging away at ministry, community, and life as we know it.  Sometimes no news is good news :)