Friday, May 16, 2008

One Down, One to Go

It's official - we have sold a house in considerably less than the 14 month time frame required for the last house we sold. We are pleased with how everything went, not without a few problems but nothing that couldn't be resolved. Now on to the next place...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

I was awakened by my six year old on Mother's Day at about 6:45 am, which is not too bad considering how early she normally rises. She wanted to know, in detail, what it was like for her to come out of my tummy. Well...hmmm...not before breakfast, babe. So I got breakfast, made for me by my nine year old and my 41 year old. The American Girl cookbook has a few good items in it, and I loved eating my "bird in a nest" and my fruit salad. It was a good way to start the morning and I am proud to be a mother of my curly girlies.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Malibu Scott and Sheree

We had a great little Malibu getaway last week. Scott presented a lesson at Pepperdine University and I was his lovely assistant. We are at Zuma Beach watching the surfers and the dolphins ( I counted ten) and we saw beach bums with butt cracks, rich people doing yoga on the beach, and other California characters. After spending an hour relaxing on the beach, you stop thinking about work and Oklahoma and all the things you have to do. Amazing how it works that way.

At the Getty Villa, we saw hundreds of pieces of art from before Jesus was born. We also saw hundreds of statues of nude men in various poses in every single room, portico, garden and gift shop on the premises. Oh look - another naked man...ho hum. I also found many items from Greek mythology that my daughter Darby can tell me all about, with complete knowledge of the legend that was being portrayed in the art. She is such a smarty pants it freaks me out a bit.
This is the cool tree on the Pepperdine campus. It is really fascinating. Pepperdine's cafeteria allowed to eat breakfast looking over the ocean, eat lunch looking over the ocean, watch a baseball game looking over the ocean, get leg cramps walking up sixteen steep flights of stairs to our dorm...looking over the ocean. My legs wore out, but I loved the whole week.
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The Pre-Teen Pianist

Darby had her piano recital and she wore the cutest dress with a wide patent leather belt - she looks like a magazine ad in it. So chic. I am very proud of her ability to learn music and she practices without prompting, which gives me pride as well. So here she is...
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My Snackster Maker

Roxy decided one day to make snacks and she wanted to do it all by herself. She asked only for apple slices, so I cut them up and she made the rest. That girl has a good head on her. The most important part was serving them to every member of our family. She ran to the fridge when Scott came home and when Darby got home, because her presentation of the snacks was mandatory. It is hard not to praise someone this cute.
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The Cowboy Cookout

When our Bible class gets together, you are in for a treat. This particular month for our Brother's Keeper meeting, we went to Guthrie for a cookout and horseback riding and a little bit of roping by some of our class members. We do not happen to have our own horses, or a pasture for that matter, but some of our friends do. This was fun. And Roxy rode the horse about four different times, and it wasn't on one of those little round walking trails at the petting zoo, either. We will truly miss this class for the genuine people and good times we always have together. We also have great bible discussions, too, and that is the greatest blessing to me.
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A Fuzzy Wuzzy Birthday

Roxy's sixth birthday was a sweet memory, and an escape from the stress
of the week. You see, the simple birthday party at home was botched by
the installation of heat/air ducts in the ceiling of the lovely home we had to
sell. So, while Mom was figuring out how to transfer large funds from accounts
that are seldom if never used, the birthday party had to be diverted. I did
not want these sweet girls exposed to the cigarette smoking professionals
that perfomed the labor. They also listen to Frampton and Bob Seger and
Molly Hatchett. So anyway, the day before her special day, we booked
Build A Bear. It worked out great, Roxy loved it, and I came home to a nice
house with a white dusty film all over it. Worth every penny. And since
everything was trashed I couldn't make the birthday cake, so the Big Cookie
store delivered for me. Roxy was so proud and I am so proud of her, too.

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As of today, we will own this house for another six days. We have lived in this house for longer than we have lived in any other house - almost four years! Another record for the Franks' fam.

We feel truly blessed to have sold this house, because it enabled us to purchase another one without delay. It also saves us a good bit financially, which for us is the real accomplishment. Thank you God for the buyer's market in Marietta GA!
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