Monday, October 17, 2011

...Go See a Man About a Horse

 My city slicker daughters have never got to have much interaction with animals of the non-stuffed variety.  So, on a particularly glorious Sunday afternoon, they accepted an invitation to feed and groom a horse.  Roxy was very excited about this, which also means she was nervous about it as well.  Darby was totally cool about it all, which means she is officially a teenager and she is beyond acting like a kid now.  Sigh.

They liked the cleaning and the grooming, and when it was time to ride, they both did a great job.  Roxy got to wear her Oklahoma State Fair cowboy hat, and that made her very happy.  She was not so confident about riding the horse, but by the time she got on the horse for the second time, she was pretty happy with what she had learned.

The best news of the day was this:  these girls do not want their own horse.  Daddy could not be more pleased.  Which also means:  they may get to go out and take care of the horse again.  It is a win-win for all.

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